My Story 

I am a giver by nature. I believe that most women are. In our healthy expression of our desire to give, we feel fulfillment, joy, and abundance. We give because we are whole. But sometimes  we feel burnout, depression, and lack because we’re giving to depletion.

I lived the latter expression for much of my adult life. I spent years fumbling and failing as a parent, as a partner…as an adult. I was a mess and so was my money. In the summer of 2010, everything shifted. I had ended a 7 year relationship with a man who never trusted me and was absolutely terrified of anything I did to cultivate my self-expression. My kids were old enough to be left in someone else’s care for a week and I invested in a week long retreat for myself. Making a choice to do exactly what I wanted for no one else but me was revolutionary. It changed my reality. That choice activated something in me that I have spent the last five years defining.

My soul's purpose is to create sacred space for people to authentically and willfully express themselves. This is my superpower. There is tremendous healing in giving ourselves permission to be vulnerable. It opens us up to forgiveness and activates our power to receive all the prosperity life has to offer. 

Today I mentor emerging, creative, visionary women who struggle with their relationship with money. These women have gotten their first signs or symbols leading them to their higher purpose. They’re yearning to share their expression of power and passion with the world and they feel money is a barrier. I help them get clear on what they really truly want so they can align heart, mind, and action to support the lifestyle they desire and deserve. The more women I can mentor to take empowered action with their money, the more these women are out there sharing their insights and creations and adding tremendous value to their community and the world.