It’s time for us to tell a new story about the way we engage with money, one that liberates us from the limiting thoughts and behaviors set down by generations of cultural conditioning. This new story tells of how we value ourselves beyond measure. By doing so we bring sacredness into all aspects of our lives. When we value ourselves we are confident and freely share our insights and creations, adding value to our community and the world.

The energy we exchange for value comes in many forms. The most leveraged form is money so why not make it sacred by utilizing it on what we value to create the quality of life we desire and deserve. When we are in right relationship with money it facilitates the betterment of our quality of life, giving us the support we need to share our highest expression in the world.

It sounds logical but so many things get in the way of what should be a simple truth. It gets complicated by our conditioned thoughts and emotions… guilt, shame, fear, failure, scarcity… These are the stories we’ve been told. These are the stories we have lived.

It’s time for us to break through these deep rooted barriers by creating a new story; one where our desire to thrive surpasses our desire to survive, where we have traded self-medication for self-care and self-love, where we acknowledge all the things that bring us joy and pleasure, where we slow down enough to honor our intuition, where we forgive our families for the stories the they told us and forgive ourselves for living them. This is a story where we begin the journey of healing ourselves… and our money is sacred, by virtue of its support in this story.