The Define Your Desires Intensive is the key to unlocking the unlimited creative power within you
to attract all the money you want.

With Define Your Desires you’ll get step by step instructions to help you:

  • Identify conflicting beliefs that keep you from attracting the money you want.

  • Disentangle your money from your relationships with yourself and others so you can ask for what you want unapologetically and get it.

  • Get specific on your money goals so that you can identify the steps necessary to achieve them.

  • Create the action plan that gives you the momentum to meet your money goals.

This program includes 4 easy to digest lessons with worksheets, weekly accountability check ins, and guided meditations, as well as 4 private coaching calls...
PLUS you’ll also get a bonus kickstart exercise to get you primed for the work we’ll be doing together.

Let’s face it…

Change is in the air. I know you feel it. You feel the pull of something more fulfilling than your 9-5
and you just can’t put your finger on what. 

When you ignore this pull, you end up:

  • Wasting your money on things that don't bring you the fulfillment you want.

  • Procrastinating or being indecisive about money making opportunities.

  • Feeling resentful because you believe money is a barrier to creating what you want.

  • Feeling exhausted, like everything you do is in service to everyone other than yourself.

  • Absorbed in what others might think and completely denying your own desires. 

I know that secretly you have big dreams.
Now more than ever, the world needs you to manifest those dreams...
To step into your most passionate, purposeful self, 
and share your gifts. 

The Define Your Desires Intensive makes it easy to align your heart, mind, and action to bring all the money you want into your life so that you can take care of your and your family's needs.
When you don't have to worry about when or how your money is coming, i
t allows you to focus
on the things that mean the most to you because you're no longer distracted by what you owe
and what others may think about about it.
Your cup is full and you are happy to share.

The question is

Are you ready to free yourself from the crippling fear and self-limiting beliefs
that keep you stuck financially?

If the answer is yes...

Then make this year your year to get all the tools, mindsets, and strategies you need
to move powerfully towards your desire for financial freedom and
start making the impact you really want in the world.

Submit your application to enroll in the Define Your Desires Intensive now!


I am so looking forward to sharing these skills with you and holding sacred space for your transformation.

Brightest Blessings!